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February 9, 2007

FireWorks at Major

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Last Friday I had the pleasure of working with students in Mavis Hoffman’s Information Processing classes in Major. The students wanted to learn how to use Fireworks to modify pictures for major projects that they were going to be working on throughout the school year. I enjoyed the day very much and was extremely pleased with the pictures the students created. They quickly learned how to meld two or more photos together by using several FireWorks tools.

It is very interesting to note that the days of step-by-step instructions to teach students how to use technology are over. Show them what a program can do; give a brief overview of the tools; explain what file formats in which images or documents need to be saved and let them go. As I demonstrated the program I could see them making connections with other programs they have used and later on 2 – 3 said to me, “this reminds me of…” and they would name a program they had used.

We no longer need to teach them how to use the technology and therefore can spend more time talking and demonstrating the aesthetics. For example, we spent time talking to these students about size and resolution and how important it was to select images that matched or that could be resized. We also talked about the shape and positioning of images – especially when it came to erasing and inserting another head on a body.

It quickly became apparent that the aesthetics of the image was important to these students and they exhibited a great deal of patience painstakingly making sure that backgrounds melded and images fit together seamlessly. I also really enjoyed watching the students worked together. If one student had problems another would say, “here, I’ll show you how” or “you just do this” and would demonstrate and work him/her through the steps.

Below are some pictures created by the students….


In this picture the student completely removed another individual and filled in the background to match the rest of the wall.




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