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March 2, 2007

Conference: Learning in a Digital World

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Now is the time to register for the TLt/IT Summit 2007 Learning in a Digital World Conference May 1 – 2 Saskatoon Inn. (Click the registration button on the menu on the left hand side.)
Registration Free for Campus Saskatchewan and Education Technology Consortium Members (this includes all employees from all Saskatchewan school divisions)

The conference focus “Learning in a Digital World” addresses the diverse impact of technology on teaching and learning. The conference will showcase the contributions and advancements in technology enhanced learning, as well as provide powerful opportunities for networking. The inspiring keynote presentations, cutting-edge concurrent sessions, and engaging workshops will focus on a range of themes to meet the needs of teachers and learners in the province.

K- 12 Keynote Speaker: Ian Jukes “Our Students are not the Students Schools were Designed For.”

As Gutenberg’s movable type printing press ignited the Renaissance, computers, the Internet and networking ignited the Digital Renaissance. Now Google is in the midst of constructing an evolving personalized information system through which our sprawling chaotic mediascape will be filtered, ordered and delivered, providing us with access to a breadth and depth of information that would be unimaginable in earlier age. A custom content package for each user based on the user’s choices, consumption habits, interests, demographics, and social network to shape the product.

Not only will this emerging environment affect us in our personal lives, it holds profound implications for the near and distant future of education. This will happen whether educational institutions embrace it or not because learners, educators and parents will be accessing the Internet from home,at night, outside of the purview of the bricks and mortar buildings that make up our schools. They, rather than our traditions, will ultimately influence the direction of learning. Ian Jukes

The Saskatchewan School Library Association will be holding their pre-conference on April 30 also at the Saskatoon Inn. The Keynote speaker is Doug Johnson, the Director of Media and Technology for Mankato Public Schools in Minnesota.

It’s taken the presence of the Internet to highlight what dramatic impact geography has had on education. The teachers, the resources, and the experiences to which most of us B.C. (Before Computing) students had access were those within our communities. We learned what our teachers knew. We had access only to the teachers within our own school. We learned the core values of only our community since those values were the only ones to which we had much exposure. What might be some of the implications of students having access to a virtual world that is beginning to erase those geographic limits?

Plan to attend Summit 2007 and network with other educators learning about teaching in a digital world.


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