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March 7, 2007

Tell a story in 5 frames (Visual story telling)

Filed under: digital photography,Digital Storytelling,ELA — Donna DesRoches @ 5:36 pm

Digital Storytelling a great way to integrate digital photography into an ELA class. This idea from flickr outlines a 5 frame storytelling process. You may choose to simply have your students create the photo story and share it with their classmates or you may choose to participate in the two-part process and have them upload their photos to the flickr and contribute the conversation about their photos and others on the site.

Tell a Story in 5 Frames has two important parts. The first part is creating and telling a story through visual means with only a title to help guide the interpretation. The second part is the response of the group to the visual story. The group response can take many forms such as, a poetic or prose rendering of the visualization, a critique on the structure of the story, comments on the photograph, or other constructive forms of response. Telling and enjoying stories should create entertainment for the group as well as offer insight into the universal elements that help create a story for an international audience. The more people who respond , as either story tellers or respondents, the greater the reward for all.

Sherron Burns has been doing some experimenting with the 5 frame story and you can view her story, Incoming Call at flickr.


This activity fits especially well with the Middle Years ‘communicative’ context:

In this context, students consider the role of communication in their lives and the ideas and technology that help people become effective communicators.

It would also fit well with Environmental and Technological and the Personal and Philosophical contexts.

Please contact me or Sherron Burns if you or any teacher in your school would like some help or support in exploring this form of digital storytelling further.


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