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March 12, 2007


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WorldBeat is a website with lesson plans with a global perspective. All of the sites have been reviewed by Saskatchewan educators and tied to various Saskatchewan Curricula. The lessons in the most current issue deal with:

Gender Equity and Empowerment of Women

The welfare of women, particularly those women in developing countries, is especially troubling. In some areas, women are still considered second class citizens. Young girls are often not permitted to attend school. Until women and young girls are able to take their rightful places within society, effective sustainable development will be limited.

Two african women working in small crop patch Lessons in this issue:

  • Women’s Rights
  • Women Wanting to Work
  • Sufferage: When, Where, and Obstacles to Overcome
  • Girls Speak Out
  • Girls’ Education
  • Vocabulary of Inequality: A look at International Women’s Day

For each link a complete description is provided along with the specific Saskatchewan curriculum links and objectives it meets. Many of them, as might be imagined meet the specific curriculum objectives of the Social Studies curriculum but others are noted as well.

This is an example of an entry in the most recent issue:

Vocabulary of Inequality: A look at International Women’s Day

african women learning in schoolThis well laid out site, sponsored by the United Nations’ Cyberschoolbus, offers excellent definitions of terms such as racism and sexism. It offers us a look at the history behind International Women’s Day and asks students to consider “Why do we need an International Women’s Day?” Learning activities involve students looking at their own school demographics then international demographics of who’s in school. This site would tie in nicely with other sites about “Girl’ Education” featured above.

Curriculum Objectives

Social Studies Grade 6 ­ Unit IV

  • Explore social and economic inequities and their effects on peoples of the world

Social Studies 10 ­ Unit I

  • Should some people be given more power and privilege than others?
  • Should men and women be given the same access to power and privileges?

Social Studies 20 ­ Unit IV

  • Know that marginalization is the process of eliminating groups of people from those that have social significance within society.

The site has been developed by the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC) in partnership with the Saskatchewan Council of Social Sciences (SCSS) and the Saskatchewan Middle Years Association (SMYA), Special Subject Councils of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation.


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