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May 24, 2007

More Online Safety Info

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Yesterday I received a comment on my post about online safety information for parents from Sylvia. She provides a link to her post which provides an excellent list about what to scan for when looking a your children/students’ social networking site:

I regularly monitor my own childrens’ MySpace page. My 17 and 15 year old have added me as their friend on their private profiles, while my 13 year old does NOT have an account. While I do not read their messages, I do scan over the general tone on the page. I have also been asked several times by parents of friends and students of mine to check their blog or web page out to see if I could spot a safety issue.

Here are the things I scan the page for:

  1. No first and last name
  2. Don’t give away your geographical location (city)
  3. Don’t give away school name
  4. Possible double or direct meaning of screen name
  5. Overall tone of page
    1. Cuss words
    2. Sexual
    3. Racist
    4. Hate words
    5. Threats
    6. Bullying
    7. Violence
    8. Offensive
    9. threatening
  6. Photos
    1. sexual
    2. provocative
    3. age inappropriate
    4. identifiable school uniform or school shirts
    5. doing something illegal (or pretending)
    6. photo resolution (the higher the resolution, the easier and with better results it can be manipulated/photoshoped)
    7. bullying (negative comments)
  7. Interest and Personality Details
    1. How detailed? Could feed all the information to someone who is “grooming” the child.
  8. Posting of sports team and competitions
  9. Posting of cell phone numbers or AIM screen names
  10. Posting of friends’ personal information
  11. Friends List
    1. Do you know them personally? All of them?
    2. Do you have bands added? (Loss of “private profile” control)
    3. Do your friends keep your personal information safe?

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