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January 11, 2008

Achieving Credibility

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A recent post from Dean Shareski, Can a Fat Man Teach PE, got me thinking about the expectations that I have for the in-school instructional technology support teachers with whom I work.

At the beginning of this school year this group was formed to help teachers teach with technology. I had hoped that we would be able to provide them with time to work with teachers but the budgeting process did not allow that so we provided each teacher with a laptop and peripherals (vid cam, mic/headset and digital camera) and four days of release time for meetings and professional development provided for by the school division.

In turn the teachers are expected to act as a technology liaison between myself and their school, provide two professional development opportunities for their staff and lastly to maintain a blog which reflects their learning, resources for teachers, highlights student work and/or describes professional development activities undertaken with their staff.

I eagerly watch my bloglines account for activity on the blog or the wiki that each has created and am disappointed when there is nothing new. Yet, I cannot be critical because the blog which I maintain for the school division has not been updated since the end of October! Can a Fat Man Teach PE? Can I expect these teachers to participate if I don’t?

Dean stresses that teachers need to be online to establish credibility with their students to allow for the discussions that need to take place about responsible digital citizenship.

If we’re really concerned about teaching our students to make moral, ethical choices online, teachers need to have some experience that can at least validate discussions and suggestions.

I truly believe in this statement and hope that by blogging our teachers will acquire the experiences that will open the discussions with their students. Yet, I too, must model this process – my thoughts, my beliefs, my issues and frustrations as well as new tools and resources that come to my attention and the learning and experiences that I acquire through the learning networks in which I participate.

I too need to establish credibility with the teachers with whom I work and can do so by writing and posting regularly.



  1. Damn you beat me to it! I planned to write about Dean’s post! Anyways he is right on the money with it. We need to be digital citizens ourself before we can lead any type of meaningful discussion. I had been a stick in the mud and refused to sign into Facebook. After some of our PD discussions I decided to finally break down and join. I am by no means a Facebook power user but now at least I understand it a little more.

    Someplace I read a comment (I think by Vicki Davis). She asked the question are you linkable. If somebody writes your name is there something online to link it to? Are we truly digital citizens if we aren’t linkable?

    Comment by Gary Ball — January 11, 2008 @ 4:20 am | Reply

  2. Interesting post, Donna. You are right, we need to model and YET … I don’t always have something to say. Blogging takes time; Google Reader, however wonderful, takes time to read. Too many days I don’t have time to get through my regular work, let alone have time for blogging and experimenting with technology – which is what I’d REALLY like to be doing.

    Another thought…maybe we should have a collective “Living Sky Technology Committee” FaceBook page. I’d like to see how that might work as I’m becoming a bit skeptical of my own participation on FaceBook. It seems more like an electronic playground than anything else.

    Comment by Patricia Cone — January 12, 2008 @ 2:30 am | Reply

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