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January 13, 2008


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Dean Shareski’s post, Lesson #1 Share, echoes my recent thoughts about how many great things that teachers are doing remain unknown. I work with wonderful teachers who are doing the neatest things in their classrooms, engaging and challenging their students – BUT – no one ever hears about it!

As Dean so well articulates,

I get really frustrated when someone tells me about an outstanding teacher and I can’t find hide nor hair of their work online. What a waste. If they are as good as others say they are, why not share that with others? They’ll tell me their kids made a great video, learned something great from an experiment or gave a great presentation but it means very little to me unless I can be part of it too.

A few years ago one had to present at conference or write an article for a professional journal to be heard. Today – the ability to share is so simple – all it takes is time.

Time…and the ability to let go of what Vicki Davis calls ‘perfection paralysis’. That is, being overwhelmed by what others have written and feeling that you fall short.

It is really important to let go and write. As she says,

In the blogging world, sometimes a short paragraph gets more readership and means more than a full blown essay.

My goal for this year is to write often, share what I do, and make it short!


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