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January 24, 2008

Cool Sites

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One of my favourite tasks as a Learning Resources Consultant is finding new resources that I hope will meet the learning and teaching needs of our students. This week I came across three sites that I also thought would be entertaining as well as useful and/or educational for teachers and students.

Build Your Wild Self


What would you look like with the legs of an elephant and the arms of a tiger? This engaging site lets you see how you look if you suddenly took on the characteristics of an animal or insect. Build your new body and then learn about the usefulness of each part. Somewhat educational – but definitely a whole lot of fun!

Dance Mat Typing

I came across this site via NCS-TECH and it offers a great deal of fun while teaching beginning keyboarders the basics.


“While the pronunciations and spelling are distinctly British, the gameplay is universal, and this is one of the better programs out there because it actually provides instruction. Definitely let your kids know up front to expect some unusual accents and words but trust me, they’ll adapt pretty quickly.”


A great online classroom timer to use with a projector set the time and the music — however, students may end up watching what is happening on the screen – waiting for the bubble to burst. It is best to play a few times until the novelty has worn off!


For something a little more sedate try the Online Stopwatch.


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  1. Dance mat typing rocks!

    Comment by Patricia Cone — January 24, 2008 @ 2:35 am | Reply

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