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April 24, 2007

Social Bookmarking

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Social Bookmarking is one of my favourite Web 2.0 tools. I use it to collect information when I at home or at work. I even use it to collect reviews on my favourite books and videos at and other reviewing sites. It is a very useful and easy way to collect a number of links that you want you students to use.Social Bookmarking is a web-based service to share Internet bookmarks. The Social bookmarking sites are a popular way to store, classify, share and search links through the practice of tagging techniques on the Internet. (Wikipedia) When you save a bookmark on a Social Bookmarking site you can access the bookmarks anywhere and at anytime. You are not restricted to the favourites or bookmarks on a specific machine.

You can also share the bookmarks that you have collected by the URL. You can share all your bookmarks or you can share those that have been assigned a specific tag. Tagging is an important concept in Social Bookmarking. A tag is a (relevant) keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information (like picture, article, or video clip), thus describing the item and enabling keyword-based classification of information it is applied to. (Wikipedia, Tag)


There are several Social Bookmarking Services:

This 2 1/2 minut screencast will show you how to get started using the social bookmarking tool delicious.

David Warlick has prepared two handouts which provide step-by-step instructions on how to create and use delicious bookmarks.

This video from Jeff Utecht is also a useful introduction to delicious.

More information on Social Bookmarking

7 Things you should know about Social Bookmarking from Educause
“7 Things You Should Know About… Social Bookmarking” addresses a community—or social—approach to identifying and organizing information on the Web. Social bookmarking involves saving bookmarks one would normally make in a Web browser to a public Web site and “tagging” them with keywords. The community-driven, keyword-based classifications, known as “folksonomies,” may change how we store and find information online.

All Together Now: Social bookmarking offers a new way to store and share Web sites By Donna DesRoches — School Library Journal, 1/1/2007
Social bookmarking allows multiple users to save their favorite sites, articles, and even podcasts on the Web—instead of inside your browser—making them accessible from home, school, the library, or anywhere with Internet access. It’s quickly becoming a popular way for teachers and students to store, classify, share, and search links, all of which are gathered by many users.


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